Reservation FAQ

Can I combine the 20% Pay Ahead Discount with any other offers/coupons?
Your 20% discount is exclusively for those who reserve their equipment online and cannot be combined with any other offers to amount to a percentage greater than 20% off.

Does the 20% Pay Ahead Online Booking Discount apply during the holidays?
Yes, this discount applies every day of the season. No discount blackout dates!

How far in advance should I rent my equipment?
You are welcome to walk in any of our stores and rent your equipment upon arrival. However, to ensure a full day on the slopes you may want to use our online reservations system or rent your equipment the night before your first day on the mountain (beginning at 2 pm) for no additional charge.

If I rent for 2 or 3 days, can I apply the rental fees toward the purchase of a set of skis?

Individuals who rent our super demo ski package may apply the charge for one day's rental toward the purchase of the skis. This applies to a selection of our super demo skis only.

If individuals in our group want to upgrade their skis, can they change their package type upon arrival?
Yes, depending on availability, any desired changes may be made to packages upon your arrival. However, note that changes to the equipment will result in changes to the price of the rental.

I don't know what ski length or type of ski will work best for me. Will the staff at the stores be able to suggest what will work best based on my specific measurements and ability?
Yes, worry no more. Powder House's ski tech's passion for the sport reaches far beyond the walls of our shops and onto the mountain. They will be able to give you suggestions based on their knowledge of, and personal experience with the equipment. We desire to provide you with the most comfortable and exhilarating experience at every ability level!

I'm looking to purchase skis but would like to try some out first. Are there any locations that can do this?
We just opened Powder House Boot & Demo Center located in the Heavenly Village of South Lake Tahoe. Here you can try a top of the line boot with a top of the line ski to find exactly what you want! We have over 46 different types of demo skis to choose from in every size!

I don't know if I can handle a full day of skiing; can I rent a half day?
Absolutely! After 12:30pm you can rent skis for a half day at half price. However, this doesn't include half price on our value package.